Last night I ate at Homeroom in Oakland. Once arrived, Homeroom gives you a sign in sheet with a preference of inside, outside, and community seating preference. Now, if you are there to eat and do not mind privacy, then I suggest checking the community seating preference. It will allow you to be seated faster, but you will not have any privacy. It was raining last night, yet their outside seating area is heated by ceiling heaters and covered by a canopy.

Homeroom offers American traditional baked mac and cheese. For starters I ordered the Brussels sprouts with bacon. It was served in a little dish with a side of balsamic vinegar. Note that the balsamic vinegar was requested. As an entree, I ordered the Macximus mac and added bread crumbs and chicken. The Macximus Mac is a Greek style mac with feta, spinach, shallots, and artichoke hearts. The addition of bread crumbs and chicken really blends well together with this dish.

I like Homeroom because the atmosphere is very hipster and lively. The staff was extremely friendly and the food came out quickly. They have an add on menu where you can pay a little extra for items like chicken, bacon, bread crumbs, caramelized onions, and much much more. The food was very hot when it came out and filling. I was unable to try any of their desserts. I would recommend Homeroom to anyone who enjoys macaroni. It is a great place to bring the family. Homeroom also has vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Brussels Sprouts with bacon
Macximus Mac with bread crumbs and chicken

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