What The Cup- San Jose

I went to What The Cup over the weekend. I am a fan of Korean food and Japanese. What The Cup is a Japanese Korean fusion restaurant that focuses on ramen noodles. They offer tonkatsu and miso broth. The also off udon.

I had the Tonkatsu Niku Ramen- choice of meat(Spicy pork, shoyu pork, premium chicken, and Japanese beef) Chasu 2 pieces, memma, mushroom, green onions, choice of spice level 1-5. Plus extra Chasu 3 pieces for $2 extra. It was very good quality ramen. I like how you get to choose the spice level which gives it the Korean tofu house experience. I have eaten here before and level 1 spice melted my face off. I can normally handle spicy food, but there is something about Korean spices that are very potent.

I also ordered the W.T.C. Fries- Japanese beef, pan fried kimchi, cheese, green onions, mango and spicy sauce. The W.T.C. fries were actually pretty good. I did not think that kimchi and cheese would be a good combination. I was wrong. The real winner of this dish is the mango and spicy sauce with the Japanese beef. They also offer this dish with sweet potato fries. Note that the fries are waffle cut.

I would recommend What The Cup to ramen lovers. This place offers a great Asian fusion with a nice modern atmosphere. The music that they play is for the younger crowd. The owners must be anime fans as well since they have some awesome figurines on the shelves.

Tonkatsu Niku Ramen
W.T.C. Fries



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