Wenzhou Fish Noodles & More- San Jose

I ventured into San Jose’s Japan Town last week. While wandering around looking for a place to eat, I remembered an article I read sometime last year about San Jose’s China Town. The article stated that there was only one remaining restaurant from San Jose’s China Town and that the owner’s renovated at some point last year. So that led me to check out Wenzhou Fish Noodles & More since it is the last business remaining of China Town San Jose. It is on the edge of San Jose’s Japan town on North 6th. It is easy to miss if you go to Japan town, but worth checking out if you are in town.

I went by myself so I only tried one item. I ordered the Wenzhou silky knocked fish noodle soup. It is a fish soup with various veggies, noodles, and fish. The fish however, was not the winner of the dish. The fish did not have much flavor, but the broth was very good. They give you complimentary salad, which is very small. They also give you a cup of jasmine tea. They give you a secret sauce with your soup. I was not sure what type of sauce it was, but it was spicy. Maybe a spicy peanut sauce, but again not sure. If it was peanut sauce, it would be nice to warn people in case they have

peanut allergies.


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