Hong Kong Clay Pot- China Town SF

Hong Kong Claypot is one of my favorite restaurants in China Town. It has a mysterious romantic vibe about it. If that makes sense. It’s tucked away in plain sight. This narrow staircase on Grant avenue leads up to the restaurant. I like the seats near the window because you get a nice view of the streets of China Town. One of the many things I love about this place is that it is family owned. The owner works the floor all the time and her employees are so nice and dedicated. I always see the same people working all the time which gives me this welcoming authenticity. I have talked to the owner a couple of times and she is from Toisan China. Hong Kong Clay Pot is not exclusive for the Chinese like some China Town restaurants can be. The demographic of people that eat here are very diverse. I have eaten here when it is packed with Chinese people and the only language I hear is Cantonese. I have also been there when there are people speaking German, English, French, etc. I love this place and the food is really good as well. It takes me back to when I was a kid eating family style at a round table with a lazy susan.

We ordered corn soup which was pretty good. I never know what the soup of the day is. This was the first time I had it. We also ordered gai lan with beef. Gai lan is like a Chinese broccoli. One of my favorite vegetables. We also ordered cauliflower with squid, fried rice, and a beef clay pot. The cauliflower is a Chinese version that tastes really good. I have never had this type of cauliflower before. It is definitely something I would order again. The beef clay pot has beef, tofu, and mushroom. This was the first time I ever ordered the beef clay pot. Note that the yellow curry clay pots are also very good. Not sure what it is about this place’s fried rice, but I LOVE the fried rice here. So basic. I know.




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