BonChon- San Jose

So I went to BonChon over the weekend. After hearing so much about this place I decided to finally check it out. They are known for fried chicken wings. They are like the Korean Wing Stop.

I tried the soy garlic strips. The flavor is stronger in the strips than the drums, but the drums are crunchier. Its a trade off. I also ordered the pork belly buns. The pork belly buns come in threes. The buns are steamed and there is pork belly, coleslaw, cucumbers, and katsu sauce. The pork belly was very dry.

Luckily the bibimbap saved the day. Bibimbap has white rice, vegetables, red pepper paste, egg, and bulgogi. It is served in a sizzling stone bowl that makes the rice around the bottom crispy.

Overall I was not impressed with BonChon. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I felt like the food was too overpriced for the quality that we had. I don’t think I will go back to BonChon.



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