Jinya Ramen v. Slurp Ramen

Jinya Ramen San Jose

Jinya Ramen just opened up at San Jose’s Oakridge. This place usually has a long line out the door and for good reason. Their ramen is pretty darn good. I normally don’t like to get on the hype train for these restaurants that come up from LA. I decided that my love for ramen was greater than my need to go against the grain.

I ordered the Jinya Tonkotsu Black with a side of curry rice. The Jinya Tonkotsu balck has Pork broth: Pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, seasoned egg, garlic chips, garlic oil, fried onion, served with thin noodles. I am a sucker for broth I often get into the debate of whether its about the noodles or the broth. For me its both. The broth here was really different from what I have had at other ramen restaurants. The rice and curry was just okay. Kind of a waste if you do not notice the noodle refill sign on the placards at each table like I did. Jinya does something I have not seen before. They will give you a free refill of noodles if you still have broth. If you are a broth sucker like me, you will notice this nice little perk after you have an empty bowl looking you in the face.


Slurp Ramen San Francisco China Town

So I came to Slurp Ramen with my cousin. He lives in China Town and told me about this cool Ramen place in one of China Town’s alleys. I ordered the tonkotsu black in order to compare it against the Jinya Tonkotsu black. Also because I prefer tonkotsu broth. The atmosphere at Slurp is a little more open than Jinya. Jinya is a bit cramped. Slurp is on the outskirts of China Town in an alley near the financial district side.

Slurp’s Tonkotsu black has Chashu, 1/2 egg, bamboo, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, seaweed with burnt garlic oil. I added additional chashu and added pork belly. The pork belly was really moist and flavorful. I have been to some restaurants where they don’t know how to cook pork belly and it ends up dried out and tasteless.


I really liked Slurp’s tonkotsu better because of the portioning. The bowl is bigger and the broth was served at a hotter temperature than Jinya’s. Slurp’s tonkotsu black also had a stronger garlic taste which is a big win for me. If you like the lighter garlic flavor then Jinya is probably more your alley. Jinya’s Tonkotsu black is priced at $13.80 with a free refill of noodles whereas Slurp’s Tonkotsu Black is priced at $12.50 plus the additional price for extra chashu and pork belly. An additional order of noodles would cost $2.00 at Slurp. When it comes to price and convenience, I would choose Jinya. When it comes to flavor and atmosphere, I would pick Slurp. Both have their qualities and more importantly both have excellent ramen.




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